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 Fundación Cecilia AC, is founded with the main objective of helping and accompanying people who are going through a grieving process, either by the death of a loved one or by having suffered a loss, health, partner, work, material, etc.


 The motivation to form a foundation, was born after having lost my daughter in a car accident, on 2013, her name was Cecilia, she was thirteen years old, she was a beautiful, sparkling girl as some people describe her. Cecilia was always on the move, with a smile on the face, a laugh that could be heard miles away, always thinking of helping others, even though she was a child, her maturity was surprising, she always had the right words, she dedicated her time carefully to people, it made you feel special. When she passed away, many children approached to me and told me that she had been her best friend.


 Cecilia loved to dance, we told her that she danced even with the noise of the washing machine, her love for nature was unmeasurable, she worried a lot about stray dogs that do not have a home, about the garbage people throw into the sea, she worried about the turtles extinction, all this covers a lot of what she was: love, patience, intelligence and strength.


The main objective of the Foundation is to help all those who have suffered a loss of a loved one, provide care, diagnosis and intervention to people who require tanatological and psychological support for problems with the pain of death and hopelessness. From the terminally ill, as of their relatives and of those who, for different reasons, have suicidal ideation or behavior, based on prevention and intervention, such as loss, psychological suffering, significant relationships of the patient, physical pain, advance directives, legal aspects and the observance of humanitarian treatment.


Help and accompany those people who are going through a grieving process and its stages, in addition to knowing and understanding death from a different concept and helping fears and weaknesses to translate into strengths.

Our Mission


Fundación Cecilia is a space to create and encourage the application of tanatological, psychological, and emotional tools, so that anyone can overcome and understand all those stages of the duel in which they are situated.


Thanks for your donations

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