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About us

Fundación Cecilia A.C., is formed with the main objective of helping and accompanying people who are going through a grieving process, either due to the death of a loved one or due to having suffered a loss, of health, partner, work, material, etc.

Our history

The motivation to form a foundation was born after losing my daughter in a car accident six years ago, her name was Cecilia, she was thirteen years old, she was a beautiful girl, sparkling as some people describe her, always on the move, with a smile on her face, a laugh that could be heard from miles away, always thinking about helping others, even though she was a girl, her maturity was surprising, she always had the right words, she dedicated her time to you with attention and Honey, it made you feel special. When she died, many children came to me and told me that she had been her best friend.

Cecilia loved to dance, we told her that she danced even with the noise of the washing machine, her love for nature was incalculable, she cared a lot about the dogs that do not have a home, about the garbage they throw into the sea, she said that the turtles left to extinguish if they ate her, encompasses much of what she was, love, patience and friendship.


Fundación Cecilia A.C. is committed to promoting the autonomy of people and supporting them to overcome emotional, aptitude, and material obstacles, allowing them to develop their life project in an egalitarian and peaceful environment, respectful of their rights, in addition to being a promoter of creativity and innovation thus consolidating a sustainable life project.


In 2025 Fundación Cecilia A.C. It will be a relevant actor in the development, promotion, evaluation and analysis of social problems, creating psychological help campaigns, making efforts at the state and national level, generating development opportunities for people in vulnerable situations.​









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